10 Brilliant Halloween Event Themes

Halloween is in the air! With the spookiest night of the year just around the corner, we’re giving you 10 brilliant themes for your gory event.

1. The Curse of the Mummy Create a memorable mummy party. Start by sending out invitations written in hieroglyphs and asks guests to dress as their best Egyptian character. Add a ghoulish twist with a few decomposing skeletons in your garden, a couple of freshly-wrapped and bloody mummies.

2. Any Stephen King Film You can have loads of fun with a King-themed event. Get guests to dress as their favourite character from any of Stephen King’s movies and then either use decorative pieces from different movies or choose one particular theme. Stuck for ideas? Check out The Shining or Carrie and then get to work creating red drinks and spooky snacks.

3. Ghost White An all-white colour scheme may not sound very Halloween-esque, but you can throw in loads of ghosts to spook your guests. Think shrouds and skeletons, and plenty of spider webs to create a chilling atmosphere.

4. Autumn Harvest with a Twist Halloween doesn’t have to be all about ghouls and monsters, but hey, it’s Halloween! Invite friends over to decorate your space with fall-themed ornaments, but add a few surprise twists with leaking guts or splashing baubles that take them by surprise.

5. Host a Freak Show A freak show themed party can offer tons of entertainment for you and your guests. Get guests to dress up as sideshow freaks and you can dress as the ringleader. Decorate your space with a range of oddities and serve peanuts and popcorn, along with other carnival foods.

6. Malice – Medieval Style Go old school this year and invite guests to dress up in Renaissance costumes while you turn your space into a medieval castle. Go for golden goblets and silver candlesticks to create the perfect table settings and add a few doubloons for extra effect. Don’t forget the medieval menu to bring the entire theme together.

7. Villains vs. Superheroes Why not host a battle between good and evil? Ask some guests to choose their favourite superhero costumes and others to come as villains. A rooftop setting is fantastic for this theme and remember that spiders and skulls are standard in every bad guy’s lair.

8. A Bloody Prom A bloody prom is fun for adults and college students alike. Make your venue look like something that was choked up right out of a horror movie but add a couple of cheesy prom decorations. For costume ideas, think Zombie Prom King and Queen and ripped up, blood covered evening gowns. You can offer cheap finger foods and cupcakes dusted with red “blood” glitter.

9. The Fairy Tale That Wasn’t Fairy tales can be taken to the next level by twisting a children’s story into a gory night you’ll wish never happened but will never forget. Decorate your venue with tea sets splattered in blood, put “Drink Me” tags on the wine bottles, and have a few fake frogs sticking out of your food platters.

10. Step into Hell The idea of Hell alone is terrifying. So why not torment your guests this year! Serve up Devilled eggs and anything else that will set their mouths on fire along with black punch. Place red candles in red candle holders everywhere and use red paper lanterns to help set the miserable mood. Hang up a plastic demon or two and install a few cardboard gravestones around your venue. Don’t forget the pitchforks!

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