10 DIY Ideas for Your Wedding

Whether you are on a budget or looking for ways to add truly personal touches to your special day, we’ve rounded up 10 fun DIY ideas for you. Grab your bridesmaids, mum, sister, and even grandma, and get creative!

1. Tie One On
Have you chosen a pretty plain cake? An attractive paper bow can take it from unnoticeable to showstopper. Use the same paper to wrap around each layer of your cake. You can use double-sided tape to create a border with a contrasting colour for extra pizazz.

2. Table Numbers That Dazzle This is an easy way to add sparkle to your wedding tables. Metallic glitter is festive and neutral, so it works well with any colour palette. Create glitter numbers for your tables using polystyrene and your choice of metallic sparkle.

3. Paper Goods
Are you looking for an affordable and fun parting gift for your guests? A cleverly packaged treat is an excellent way to say “thanks for celebrating with us!” Paper boxes can be made to accommodate whichever favours your fancy, from candies-to-go to cupcakes, or a few sticks of chocolate.

4. Majestic Pearl Invites
Having a traditional and romantic affair? Create elegant and sophisticated pearl white invitations with subtle layers of shimmering paper and sparkling silver accessories. Create a buckle bow to tie the invitation together and then experiment with different layers of ribbon and different positions to create a unique look.

5. Paper Bouquets
Let’s face it, real flowers wilt and die. So, why not create a paper flower bouquet that you can keep forever? They look almost like the real thing, and you can keep them to hand down to your little ones.

6. A Natural Bouquet
If you’d still prefer a traditional bouquet, make use of natural materials like herbs, cotton, pine cones, and even fresh eucalyptus for a rustic bouquet that smells great.

7. Wedding Wishbones
How about lucky wishbones for all your guests? You can create faux wishbones that are sure to transport many guests back to their childhood and provide a talking point at your wedding.

8. Plant Your Wedding Favours
If you have green fingers, you could go a little further in your DIY efforts and offer your guests a real live favour. Whether it’s bulbs or herbs, or even a cactus, there are plenty of options for small plants that can be presented as favours. Buy cheap, plain plant pots and paint them yourself for an extra-personal touch.

9. Good with a Needle?
If you, or maybe your mum, aunt, or granny, are any good with a needle, why not embroider your own table runners for the reception?

10. Kid’s Table Packages
Are you planning on having a kiddies table or two? If so, you’re going to need to keep them entertained. Create a compact activity kit complete with colouring books, pencils, and a puzzle or two.

Have you got any great DIY ideas for your wedding? Feel free to share them with us!