10 of London’s Spookiest Spots for Halloween

It’s less than a month until the spookiest day of the year... Halloween. If you’re going to be spending it in London and fancy a fright to remember, here are 10 terrifying spots we recommend visiting.

The Tower of London
While many tourists flock to the Tower of London for its architecture, legend has it that after Anne Boleyn was executed at the venue, her spirit continued to haunt the tower. They say it still does, along with a ghostly bear.

Royal Ghosts
Hampton Court Palace may be an elegant royal residence, but beauty comes at a haunting price. Ghost hunters flock to the venue to catch a glimpse of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fourth wife, who was dragged from the gallery to her death, also in the Tower of London. Her screams can often be heard wafting through the night.

Bethnal Green Tube Station
We know there’s nothing more daunting than a tube station at the best of times. During World War II, hundreds of people were killed when they took shelter at this station during the Blitz. Staff in the station report hearing screaming when there’s no one on the platform.

Bleeding Heart Yard
This small square in Farringdon has a grisly history. Legend dictates that the body of Lady Elizabeth Hatton was found in the courtyard in 1626. Lady Elizabeth was slayed and her limbs thrown around the yard. They say her heart was still beating.

Haunted Pub Crawl
What could be more fun, and terrifying, than a Halloween pub crawl? The Ten Bells was Jack the Ripper’s local and a hotbed of spooky activity. Staff and customers have heard footsteps in the empty corridors and experienced bizarre cold spots. Dick Turpin’s local, The Spaniard’s Inn, is one of the oldest drinking spots in the capital and it is said that Dick and his horse roam the pub.

London Dungeons
Brace yourself for gruesome and horrible rides as you learn about the city’s historic happenings. You’ll come face to face with Sweeney Todd and find out about Jack the Ripper’s antics.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum
This museum is the oldest surviving operating theatre and filled with medical history from bygone days when surgery would be done without pain relief or antiseptics. Listen carefully, and you may hear the screams of former patients.

Highgate Cemetery
Graveyards are spine-tingling at the best of times, but this famously terrifying burial ground offers it all: headless angel statues, creepy gravestones, ominous foliage, and more.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Pay a visit to the most haunted theatre in the world. It is said that the theatre is home to some ghosts, a mysterious Man in Grey, and a few clowns!

London Tombs
During an excavation in the area, construction staff are said to have found a pit of bodies that had died from the plague. Ghosts have been haunting nearby buildings ever since excavators freed them.

If you’re feeling brave enough, try one, or a few, of these spots for a seriously spooky Halloween! Do you have any other great Halloween tips? Tweet us @concertogroup and let us know.