10 Ways to Get Your Event Trending on Social Media

Struggling to get your events #trending? Use these 10 tips to get people talking.

Social media has opened just about every event to the eyes of the world. Thanks to the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, event-goers and brand representatives can share images, thoughts, and videos with every follower not in attendance. Here are our top tips to make sure your event causes a stir.

1. A Plan
Create one hashtag that will stick and keep the conversation curated and easier to find. Share the hashtag on posters, collateral, screens, and anywhere else you’ll be promoting the event. On the day of the event, have a dedicated person posting real-time content and interacting with tweets using the hashtag.

2. Powerful Content
Prepare your content ahead and have quotes, videos, and photos from the event ready to share. Seeing awesome content will encourage your audience to chime in and share their own footage.

3. Shareable Aesthetics Fit for Instagram
Set up a dedicated photo zone and photo-worthy details that your guests will want to share. For many Twitter account holders, the must-not-be-missed experience makes for fantastic content. If resources allow, hire an official photographer to post content directly to your social media platforms.

4. Run a Competition
Rack up more tweets with a contest. Ask attendees to use the hashtag and post a quote or photo from the event. Reward top competitors with brand-related prizes such as tickets to the next event or merchandise.

5. Tap into Speakers’ Influence
Naturally, your key speakers and guests are going to have industry influence. Draw on this by requesting that they tweet to their followers, widening your reach and creating greater credibility for your brand. You may want to set up a Q&A session and invite followers to ask questions so you can reach those not in attendance.

6. Don’t Ignore Snapchat
Snapchat Our Stories is an advertiser-funded tool that works to curate multiple events per day. Use the same hashtag you are using on Twitter when you and your guests upload photos and videos to the platform to create a montage around your event.

7. Instagram Trending
Instagram’s Search & Explore feature is ideal for trending content. Again, use your trending hashtag to fuel real-time content fever.

8. Showcase Real-Time Streams
Get your attendees engaging with your hashtag before and on the day of your event. Before the event, send out a mail blast and tweets using your chosen hashtag and let people know they will be able to network pre-event thanks to the hashtag. Boost the conversation by broadcasting tweets, status updates, photos, and videos in real time on screens around your event which will encourage attendees to get more involved.

9. Geotagging
Enable location services on your social media platforms to add another layer to your event trending. People can click the location to see other media from the event and engage and share.

10. Sponsor Support
Partner with your key sponsors on social media to encourage participation. Ask your sponsors to use your hashtag in their tweets, too, and you will both enjoy more coverage.

It’s every event manager's dream to pull out their phone during an event and discover the event is #trending. After all the effort you’ve put into arranging the event, seeing people engage online is a massive validation.