5 Breakfasts to Start Your Day the Right Way

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say. All the more reason to choose a breakfast that boosts brain power, gives you tonnes of energy and keeps you satisfied all through the morning! Create's chefs have written a special breakfast menu that includes plenty of nutritious and delicious options. Here are five of our favourite items.

The Brain Box
Smoked Scottish Salmon
on toasted rye with whipped avocado crème fraîche, flax seeds and baby watercress

Our Scottish smoked salmon on toasted rye is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as natural occurring monounsaturated fats courtesy of the avocado crème fraîche - these stimulate healthy blood flow which increases brain function.

The Vitamin Boost
Healthy Breakfast Frittata
with spinach, beetroot and courgette

For a healthier taste of Italy try our breakfast frittata, it’s a powerhouse of goodness including beetroot, which is high in nitrates to increase blood flow to the brain, and spinach, which is full of vitamin B12, iron and folates - all great for circulation.

The Power Brekkie
Overnight Oats
with chia seeds, raspberry and banana

Your stomach won’t be rumbling if you pick this power brekkie - oats release their energy slowly throughout the day, making our Overnight Oats a satisfying choice. Chia seeds are the highest plant based source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for brain stimulation, and raspberries are bursting with fibre, keeping you full for longer.

The Memory Maker
Smoked Haddock Kedgeree
brown rice with and turmeric, coriander and crispy onions and soft boiled egg

Forgetful? This could be the one for you! Full of high protein haddock, which stabilises energy levels and turmeric, which helps to stimulate the body’s natural occurring enzymes and increases brain functionality.

The Mood Enhancer
Raw Cacao Brownies
cacao, agave, pecan and date brownies

Forget cocoa - it’s all about cacao now. This unrefined product contains all of the original vitamins and minerals that are lost in the process of making cocoa, antioxidants which improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

Want to learn more about Create's breakfast menus, or book a breakfast event? Give us a call on 020 8944 4900, the Create team would be happy to talk you through what they can do.