5 Start Ups that are Perfect for the Events Industry

There is no end to the brilliance of this year’s new start-ups, many of which are here to solve problems for event managers and attendees alike. New start-ups are emerging every day, but today we’re going to share five event-focused ones that have caught our eye.  

Whether you want to draw a floor plan in seconds or need a way to freshen up your next Q&A session, these apps hold the answer!    


Locometric You can scan a room with your mobile and instantly generate a floor plan – this app could quickly become a lifesaver for event managers. It’s amazingly quick to sketch the room too.  



Perfect for meetings, conferences and teambuilding events, Rocketboard turns any whiteboard or sheet of paper into an online accessible whiteboard. Perfect for setting up meetings, anywhere.  


Panel Feedback

A great idea to offer new revenue streams for event professionals, Panel Feedback enables attendees to pay for feedback from panellists, or to contact panellists directly following a conference panel. The event planner selects which requests to forward, together with the price of the consultation.  



This soft throwable mic does wonders for audience engagement – ideal for the Q&A session of your next conference. It does take a while to set it up though, so it’s worth checking with your audio-visual team whether this is suitable for your event.




This platform gives you a step-by-step way to showcase your offering to potential sponsors. You can create a deck with sections such as speakers, target audience, expected attendance and predesigned sponsorship packages you can display to potential advertisers. You can then publish the deck or embed it in your site.


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