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60 Second Interview...

Simon Mitchell

Business Development Director

What was your first ever job?

I worked for National Australia Bank for a year before I decided to go to University, but I absolutely hated it. I wasn’t very good at the lunch time drinking and always seemed to lose money in the afternoon!

How long have you been in the events industry?

Technically 18 years as I started DJing when I was 16.

Why did you get into the events industry?

It happened by accident. I was DJing for about 5 years and got a bit bored of it, but then people started asking me about booking nightclubs and I began booking clients into clubs for events (this was in the days before clubs hired event managers). I worked for another agency for a while and then in 2003 set up my own events company, Impulse Events.

What attracted you to Concerto?

I wanted a new challenge and having developed a great working relationship with Concerto I saw it as a great opportunity to be involved in something bigger. It is a really exciting time in the history of The Concerto Group, and I am loving working here (cheesy but true!)

Tell us something that we won’t know about you.

I have a bulldog called Minnie Bear and I am absolutely obsessed with her.

Which has been your favourite event to be involved with?

I have organised two amazing parties in the Central Hall of the Natural History Museum. I absolutely love it there, it’s a truly incredible backdrop for an event.

If you could switch places with anyone else in the events industry who would it be?

The legendary music promoter Harvey Goldsmith.