A Day in the Life of…

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A one-day diary from the morning’s skinny cappuccino to lights out

Sarah Kay is Managing Director of MASK Event Design & Production, specialising in creative, bespoke events. Event management is Sarah’s natural environment – she thrives on the social, adrenaline-filled, fast-paced nature of her business.

My day often starts early as despite not being an early bird I find I’m much more productive in the morning. I head to our Borough office via the coffee shop for my daily fix of caffeine.

The day starts with a catch up on emails, I get around 500 a day so it’s a job in itself to manage this! Mainly they are from clients, discussing their upcoming events but also I subscribe to lots of fashion, lifestyle and creative blogs to make sure I keep on top of the latest trends.

The office gets busy from 8.30 and by 9 the phones have started ringing. We aim to answer all calls within 20 seconds so we all help out with that. There’s nothing more exciting than taking an amazing enquiry and being able to discuss ideas with the client on the phone.

The day will then see me heading to meetings with clients to view venues. One of Mask’s best assets is our venue knowledge and to keep this fresh we make sure we’re out seeing venues all the time. I’ll then head on to a tasting. We work with some amazing caterers and I love seeing what they come up with next. My latest love is a savoury jam tart with bacon jam from Create. It sounds so wrong but it’s heaven!

I’ll then head back to the office for a few internal meetings. It’s really important to me that my team are always happy so we sit down to go through any issues regularly, as well discussing venues and ideas for clients. I’ll also get involved in the production for our group venues, which sees us transform some of the capital’s favourite event spaces into winter wonderlands, art deco speakeasys and regal ballrooms, amongst others. My favourite venue this year is Billingsgate Vaults which is to become the Curiosity Cavern, showcasing a traveller’s collection from years of globetrotting - it’s going to look very cool.

My day will then finish with a venue visit. This is a hugely important part of my role. The London events scene moves so fast so we need to make sure we’re a few steps ahead. I do have surreal moments where I’m drinking champagne at the top of the Gherkin and I have to pinch myself that this is my actual job! In this role I do get to experience things I never would’ve been able to otherwise. I feel very lucky - for however stressful it is, it’s a fun job in an incredible industry, I’m obsessed with it and love my role.

I’ll then head home, sometimes via dinner with friends, and fall into bed around 11 or 12pm. It’s a fast paced job and pretty exhausting during the week so weekends tend to be very lazy!