A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

Cassie Worman gives an insight into events through the eyes of the production team.

"Please can you just cover up your a little more of your chest?"

This doesn’t sound like a typical workplace conversation, but on the production side of things we often find the obstacles can be a little bizarre! The above comment occurred as we clapped eyes on a rather scantily clad cabaret act as they arrived to perform at one of last year’s Christmas parties for a very corporate client - Formula 1! And of course said act was due to be dancing on the tables in a few moments time...

Sourcing strange objects is also part and parcel of the job here at Concerto, so we won’t bat an eyelid when asked to seek out traditional Turkish sweets and pastries for a Moroccan themed office install. In fact we’ll probably just send a member of the team traipsing across London for an afternoon of intense haggling. Well that’s exactly what we did, and the best quality (and best value) Baklava arrived the very next day, to the delight of guests at this Rackspace event.

Bespoke events tend to prove the trickiest. A recent event for Boots No7 saw us measuring thousands of products in order to create the perfect tailor made display cabinets for their event. We’ve also tried our hand at gardening - well chased after gardeners to be precise, as part of a ruthless quest for shrubbery to add to a forest we were building inside a hotel (where else?). Our green fingers didn’t end there, though. Recently we’ve also been personally responsible for suspending over 300 individual garlands from a venue’s ceiling to create a living garden wall for Boots Botanics.

Well you could never get bored!