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An Interview with

Teresa-Anne Dunleavy

Concerto Group, CEO

What attracted you to Concerto?

The challenge of the new... after 20 years in reputation management and crisis communications, this is something different - for me, and for Concerto. It’s a business that is both simple and complex at the same time - complex because it has a lot of different moving parts that need to coordinate, often at high speed; simple because the job is to deliver a first-class experience to clients.

How does Concerto differ from your previous role?

The leadership roles and business fundamentals are similar. Like corporate communications, events businesses are about talented, committed people delivering great experiences for their clients. Success and failure are immediately apparent, and levels of exposure and accountability are high.

How do you hope to develop Concerto?

Concerto has grown through sheer entrepreneurial energy through a series of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. Today it comprises multiple brands in similar trade spaces. What the shareholders want to ensure is the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities we see for growth. That means looking at the way we do business both externally with our clients and internally among our different businesses.

What changes can we expect?

There’ll be a much greater emphasis on collaboration across our varying business parts to ensure clients experience the full might of the Concerto Group. There will also be greater attention to understanding exactly what the client expects from us and ensuring that we exceed those expectations at every opportunity.