Break the Turkey Tradition with a Three Bird Roast

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Choosing your birds
The three bird roast is a fine art. First you’ll need to select the birds. These all need to have a relatively high fat content to keep them succulent whilst roasting, and obviously size matters. Turkey and goose make a good “outer bird”. Chicken, duck, guinea fowl or larger game birds such as pheasant work well as the “middle bird”, and for the “inner bird” we recommend quail, partridge or pigeon.

3 birds of your choice

For the stuffing
Minced chicken
Orange zest
Dried cranberries
Salt and pepper

Begin with the biggest - spatchcock or debone your bird, leaving the legs on to keep the shape. Next debone your middle bird removing the bones from the legs and leaving the wings on, then remove the legs and wings of your inner bird.

We recommend using a meat based stuffing to enhance flavour, texture and hold. Finely chop pistachios, parsley, cranberries and orange zest and mix this, add a sprinkle of mace, a good pinch of salt and pepper and then the minced chicken. Mix thoroughly.

Lay your biggest bird skin side down on a board and spread a good layer of stuffing across the surface. Repeat the process with the next two birds.

Take the edges of your outer bird and bring to the centre. Using a needle and string stitch the outer sides together to form a bird shaped parcel. Once stuffed and sewn you can massage the shape and ensure there are no lumps or bumps and all the stuffing is well distributed. Place streaky bacon over the crown and place in a roasting tin.

Preheat your oven to 200˚c. Weigh your bird and place it on the middle shelf of the oven. After half an hour reduce the temperature to 150˚c. Allow approximately 1 hour per kilo and regularly baste the bird with the juices from the pan. Once cooked all the way through (you are looking at a core temperature of 75˚c if you have a meat thermometer) remove the bird from the oven and place under a little tin foil cape for at least half an hour to rest.

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