Artworks with Radley

Teams from British accessories brand Radley took part in one of Eventwise’s most creative team-building challenges in October, as they showed off their artistic flair with Artworks.

This unique challenge enables employees and managers alike to stand back and look at the bigger picture of their organisation.

The location for this team-building experience was City venue the Barbican. Guests were invited to a morning conference, followed by the team-building challenge which was designed to demonstrate the conference’s key message of global expansion through ‘Radley’s Big Adventure’.

At the start of the game 100 guests were split into small teams and given the challenge of producing a piece of art in gigantic proportions. In this instance we had designed a motivational piece of art which clearly illustrated Radley’s growth, featuring the brand’s iconic Scottie dog as he ventured off on a world tour.

There was just one catch: guests had no idea what the overall artwork was supposed to look like. Each team was given two small canvasses, which, a few hours later, would be put together to form the ‘bigger picture’. So guests had to work together to create their artwork - it was teamwork at its finest.

The finished product proved that Radley’s teams could work together seamlessly, and that there may be a fair few artists amongst them! Guests were so pleased with the end result that they asked for it to be delivered to their brand new offices, where it’ll take pride of place on the wall.

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