Boots Botanics at Kew Gardens

A Boots press trip involved bringing together a group of beauty editors at Kew Gardens to introduce them to the newly re-launched Botanics skincare and cosmetics range.

MASK completely transformed the room into an intimate secret garden creating the perfect space to learn about this inspirational brand.

A full 12ft long living foliage wall was created, plants filled the space and trees framed the room. Test tubes holding flowers and extracts hung from windows and ledges. Cloches housed plants and products on the tables representing the fusion between science and nature reflecting the Botanics ethos.

Key Features included:

  • A living wall, which divided the large room to create an intimate space
  • Botanics logos throughout the space created a strong branded message
  • Small touches such as green seat pads and themed canapé trays showed attention to detail

The event proved a huge success, with many of the key products sampled during the three day press trip receiving valuable press coverage as a result.