Camp Alphaville at The Artillery Garden, HAC

The Artillery Garden at The HAC became Camp Alphaville in June, for a one-off event hosted by the Financial Times and its Alphaville blogging team.

Sponsored by Thomson Reuters, the event enabled attendees to find out how current events in China and the rest of the finance world might affect their investments, with a series of talks, presentations and workshops.

Speaking at the event were class investors, strategists, bankers, bloggers and policy makers, covering topics close to their hearts from tales of short sellers playing detective to dark inventory in China to the real deal on shale gas. These included Peking University’s Michael Pettis, retired global strategist for UBS George Magnus and hardball activist Carson Block.

There was also problem solving courtesy of Lucy Kellaway, and the FT’s Management Editor Andrew Hill hosted Camp Alphaville’s version of University Challenge meets a pub quiz: The Great Camp Alphaville Quiz. Guests also participated in breakout inflatable igloo sessions covering FX and commodities, China, robots and tech.

Following speeches and panel sessions guests enjoyed food and drinks from the outdoor vendors and from the bar within this stunning summer venue, where they were able to network with economists, investment bankers, strategists and financiers from across Europe. The event closed with prize giving, awarding those who had triumphed in the Great Camp Alphaville Quiz.

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