Persil’s Big Food Fight at OXO2

On a sunny Spring morning OXO2 opened its doors to Persil UK for a fun-filled yet very messy event designed to encourage kids to get involved in the kitchen. The event was attended by 30 moggers (mum bloggers) and their children, who enjoyed a day of fun-filled activities which made full use of the flexible South Bank venue.

The event began with food-based fun, with guests learning how to make their own pizzas, which were finished off with their favourite toppings. After the pizzas it was time for dessert, guests got creative as they decorated cakes - then ate them!

Shortly afterwards it was time for the hotly anticipated Persil food fight… when all hell broke loose as moggers’ kids went wild! Once the very successful event had ended the team got straight to work on the mess, repainting and cleaning the entire venue in time for the next event… just another normal day at OXO2!