What’s Trending This Christmas

What's trending this Christmas

Christmas is firmly on the agenda this year and companies seem to have started their venue searches in July. It also appears that more organisers are booking peak periods for their events, with weekend nights fairing more popular over the cost-effective weekdays. So, let’s take a look at what’s trending this Christmas.

More event organisers and businesses are choosing venues as they offer more than just a staff Christmas party, but also the option to combine smaller parties with larger company events, full event management, and often facilities for guests to stay over. They also offer great packages complete with lighting, entertainment, and festive themes. Ultimate Experience offers a great selection of festive venues in London this year. Take a look.

Set design has grown in popularity. You don’t just book a venue anymore; you turn it into a feature. This year, the Olympics is a popular choice with samba-themed, carnival-style, colourful parties with loads of atmosphere that is sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Food is always a big consideration for parties. Turkey dinners are very 1999 and this year’s trend includes farm to fork freshness and support for British suppliers. American snacks are set to make an appearance with the likes of sliders, pulled pork, and mac and cheese popping up on menus. The snacks can be made gourmet by adding a little truffle to the mac and cheese or mixing up the serving options, such as implementing sharing boards - Jamie Oliver style.

Entertainment gives your Christmas event soul. From DJs who will keep you on the dance floor all night long to live bands, solo performers, and even magicians, anything goes this year. Interactive activities are also in, for those guests who don’t want to spend the night dancing. It’s a great way for people to connect. Activities get your guests moving, socialising, and breaking the ice. Think a games area for LED-style Ping-Pong or other games.

Speaking of LED lighting, lighting has a massive impact on an event and can transform a space. This year, LED lighting is being incorporated into activities, furniture, décor, and even the food!

Thinking Beyond the Venue
With the economy improving slightly and hotels charging premium rates for Christmas events, more organisations and planners are seeking alternative sites. From nightclubs to empty warehouses, and even hangars, blank canvasses with fewer limitations are a big hit in 2016. Other creative venues include rooftops, restaurants, and Grade II listed buildings.

When it comes to the 2016 Christmas trends in the event industry, use these as a starting point and make them your own. Your innovative idea this year could become next year’s trend. To find out all about Ultimate Experience's Christmas trends for 2016 take a look at this year's Christmas party venues.