Concerto Loves… Recycled Christmas Trees

Some people prefer natural trees, others choose artificial. We like ours made out of The Concerto Post.

We’re eagerly awaiting the launch of the third edition of our Concerto Post, which will be hitting desks in January 2014. But this left us with something of a quandary - what to do with the remaining second editions?

The obvious answer was to transform them into a totally festive and truly magical recycled Christmas tree! We’ve taken inspiration from some innovative designs to create a tree that’s tailor-made for the events industry. What could be better than that?

We love these creative takes on the traditional Christmas tree, they’re made out of all sorts of weird and wonderful objects - from cushions and egg boxes to books and beer bottles.

How imaginative is your Christmas tree? We’d love to see it - tweet a picture to @concertogroup using the hashtag #bringonthemerry to share it with us.

Merry Christmas from The Concerto Group