Dinner at the Twits

Who says only kids can have fun? This year marks 100 years since the great Roald Dahl was born and Les Enfants Terribles are throwing a strictly adult party hosted by none other than Mr. and Mrs. Twit. Head over to The Vaults near Waterloo this Autumn. It’s set to be turned into the couple’s windowless house complete with ghastly garden.

About The Experience
The theatrical dining experience promises to be one you won’t forget in a hurry. The plot is a rehash of Dahl’s gruesome couple, Mr. and Mrs. Twit, renewing their wedding vows. While they have generously invited you along to the nuptials, they seem to have something more sinister planned, and it’s up to gigantic flying creatures and put-upon monkey servants to save you.

Dinner at the Twits promises to be the most immersive and gruesome theatrical dining experience to date. Guests can look forward to 90 minutes of entertainment from, arguably, two of the worst hosts ever created. But, it will make for a unique experience.

You will be handed a potent cocktail on arrival – made with ingredients straight from Mr. Twit’s garden. In fact, there are two choices: The Twits Garden Spritz (a concoction of wild strawberry vermouth, wild nettle, soda, prosecco, and thistle-infused Aperol, all topped off with thistles and nettles); or The Terrible Shrinks (an imaginative mixture of orange vodka and Roly Poly Bird berry, finished off with soda and a helium balloon).

You will then be invited to take your seats with Mr. and Mrs. Twit for an exciting melee of dishes conceived by real-life Willy Wonka’s, Bompas & Parr. The banquet will comprise Glowing Hug Tight Glue, Wormery LIVE, Bird Pie (a Night of a Thousand Claws and Bloater Paste), and Treasures of the Compost Heap. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, your hosts aren’t complete savages, they’ve thought of dessert, too. You’ll finish off your banquet with Mr. Twit’s Beardy Bar, chocolates that have been created for the Dinner at the Twits event. Chocolatiers, Rococo Chocolates, have been hard at work conceiving a mouth-watering mix of their own milk chocolate with yoghurt, banana, honey, cereal, and lapsang souchong tea.

You can wash it all down with half a bottle of box wine from St. John Wines or Mr. Twit’s Odious Ale, a unique brew created by 40FT Brewery using the native yeast right from Roald Dahl’s writing chair. We kid you not!

Digest the Entertainment
After dinner, you can head over to Muggle-Wump’s Downside Up Cocktail Cavern right in The Vaults for an irresistibly bizarre creation of cocktails. The Cavern will be open to members of the public, too, so if you’re a bit hesitant to dine with the world’s worst dinner hosts, you can still enjoy The Twit’s world with a drink or two.

Dinner at the Twits will run from 4 September to 30 October. Tickets start at £76.50. Book here.