Futurefest London

Held annually, Futurefest, as the name would suggest, is all about the future! Run by independent charity and innovation foundation Nesta, it's a great opportunity to listen to thought-provoking debates and talks where people can have their say on how they want to shape the world's future.

What is Futurefest?

Futurefest is a chance to learn new insights and challenge your perceptions about what really lies ahead in the coming decades. The event takes place in London every 18 months, and was last held on the weekend of September 17th - 18th 2016.

Nesta – a pioneering charity

Nesta's mission is to get people and organisations together to 'bring great ideas to life'. It aims to improve lives through investment, research and programmes, all of which can be achieved by creating partnerships with people and organisations.

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Themes of Futurefest

In 2016, the Futurefest theme was centred on how people can work, play and love in the future. The event welcomed many prominent names such as the Iranian-British businesswomen and former contestant on The Apprentice, Melody Hossaini, and the British musician and record producer Brian Eno.

Creative director Ghislaine Boddington explored 'future love' and how romance and the dating experience will change as the physical and virtual merge. Food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye also looked at the 'future thrive' and how new innovations in food and technology will enable humans to thrive in future years. Meanwhile, entrepreneur Ruth Amos talked about the working environment of the future, while Pat Kane explored how new technology will help us become even more creative through play and games.

In 2015, the event theme was centred on music, machines, money, thrills, all things global, and democracy, and welcomed other prominent figures such as Edward Snowden and Vivienne Westwood to share their thoughts.

Wait and see what's in store for the next Futurefest!

There's no doubt that the next Futurefest event, due to take place in early 2018, will be another big success with more exciting themes. Watch this space!