Ghostly Goings on at Concerto Venues

We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to ghosts here at Concerto. We’ve got gigantic ghost animals, a spooky creature with no face and even a King ghost!

Many of our venues date back hundreds of years, and no historic building would be complete paranormal sightings, dodgy ghost photos and slightly questionable legends, you see. Here are a few of our favourite terrifying tales from Concerto venues. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Pavilion at the Tower of London
The Tower of London is a popular spot in the ghost community, attracting many a phantom, from murdered youngsters to headless folk. But our favourite spooky tale is that of the ghost bear. Allegedly, a huge ghostly bear appeared by the Martin Tower, scaring a guard so badly that he immediately dropped dead of shock… so who told the story?

The Artillery Garden, HAC
These days The Artillery Garden at the Honourable Artillery Company is an oasis in the heart of the City, but it hasn’t always been so pleasant. In the Elizabethan era the gardens sat atop of a huge plague pit, rumour has it that it was filled with so many bodies that those playing football on the ground above would regularly trip on protruding bones. Shudder.

Old Billingsgate
There have been plenty of ghostly goings on at Lower Thames Street, the home of historic venue Old Billingsgate. It all centres around the venue’s next door neighbour, the church of St Magnus the Martyr. The building is inhabited by a hooded figure in a cassock who, rather disconcertingly, is missing a face.

The Garden Room, Syon House
The Garden Room is situated in the grounds of Syon House, one of the last great houses of London. The 600-year-old building is home to numerous ghosts, owing to a particularly brutal period in the 16th Century when it saw the public executions of Edward Seymour, the Duke of Northumberland, Lady Jane Grey and a priest. Even the dead King Henry VIII visited the house. When he died his body was brought to Syon on its way to burial - some say he too still lurks in the grounds.

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