The ‘Hanami’ Cherry Blossom Event Theme

Mask Events shows us how to create a cherry blossom party theme.

For a Spring theme with a Japanese twist, take inspiration from Japan’s famous cherry blossoms. Around this time every year, the entire nation turns pink with cherry trees awash with the celebrated blooms. In Japan, there’s even a televised Cherry Blossom Forecast, giving viewers a petal-by-petal analysis of the advancement of the flowers. The Japanese love to hold flower appreciation picnics at this time of year as they take part in the traditional pastime of ‘hanami’ (flower viewing).

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Japanese hanami celebrations make a great starting point for an interesting spring/summer party theme. Hanami parties are always held outdoors, beneath the sakuru and can take place during daytime or a night. Japanese people flock to the flowering trees to enjoy feasts, play and listen to music. Plenty of danko (sweet dumplings), bento and sake are consumed during the festivities. Decorations can be added to the cherry blossoms, such as paper lanterns or decorative electric lanterns.

To create your own hanami party here in London, make the most of the stunning cherry blossoms and fill your venue or gardens with the beautiful blooms, hung with glowing lanterns. We recommend giving guests a few clues as to your event theme right from the beginning, so consider theming your stationery to fit with the Japanese cherry blossom look.

The theme can be reflected in your guests’ placecards, with cherry blossom decorations on tiny fans, and also in your table centres, where you could use smaller branches of cherry blossoms to bring the look together. If you aren’t able to source the real flowers, consider paper cherry blossoms in many shades of pink, which you can hang with string throughout your space. The cherry blossom theme works well for wedding celebrations, where you could incorporate a cherry blossom painted cake as a centrepiece, and add design details such as a cherry blossom wishing tree for your guests to add to.

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If you’re using cherry blossoms as the inspiration for your event, you could also consider creating a bespoke Japanese menu. Japanese food offers fantastic opportunities to impress your guests, with unusual canapés and intricately detailed desserts. Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionary which looks fantastic and would complement the theme perfectly.

Cherry blossom cocktails are the ideal accompaniment to your Japanese cuisine. Ask your mixologist to create a selection of pink cocktails, adorned in cherry blossoms and other petals. Flavours could include rosé, gin and pink peppercorns or gin, vanilla-infused vermouth and cherry jam. Dried rosebuds can also be used to decorate the cocktails.

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We hope you’re feeling inspired to celebrate hanami this Spring! If you’re planning a bespoke event contact our bespoke events experts at Mask Events to start creating an unforgettable event.