How to Get the Best Deal this Christmas

Christmas is known as a time of excess, but with many companies tightening their Christmas budgets, it’s more important than ever to make sure you get the most for your money! Our tips will help you ensure you’ve got the pick of Christmas venues, and a few extra benefits thrown in too.

The Early Bird
The later you leave your venue search, the less choice you’re going to have. Many companies search for their Christmas party spot very early in the year, so time is of the essence if you want to secure the best deal.

Why Choose Wednesdays
With many companies snapping up popular Thursday dates in December, it’s worth considering the benefits of choosing to host you Christmas party on a Wednesday night. Not only will a Wednesday celebration save you money, it’ll also make the likelihood of securing your first choice venue much better.

All Inclusive Packages
Just as you can with holidays, you can save quite a substantial sum on your Christmas party by opting for an all-inclusive package. Ultimate Experience’s packages include everything you might need for your party, from entertainment and theming to three-course festive feasts from Create Food & Party Design.

Duvet Days
You could consider offering your staff a ‘duvet day’ on the morning after your party. This way, staff are more likely to arrive refreshed and ready to work. This also means people are less likely to leave the party early, so everyone gets maximum benefit from the festivities.

Choose Carefully
Selecting your party venue might sound a daunting choice, but there are so many fantastic London venues for you to choose from. We recommend using a free venue-finding service such as Venueseeker to really explore all of your options.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get cracking with your Christmas party planning. Don’t forget to check out the all-inclusive Christmas parties from Ultimate Experience here. Holidays are coming, after all!