Why Picking an Iconic Venue Stops Last Minute Drop Outs

Last-minute drop-outs may seem like an unavoidable part of hosting an event, but if you’re hoping to reduce numbers of no shows, the answer is simple. It’s all about the venue.

Hosting your event at an iconic location with a unique selling point will excite and inspire guests, meaning they’re far more likely to attend. So long as your pre-event communications relays your venue’s selling point and makes the most of the opportunity to see the space, you’re headed for a successful event.

Simon Tracey, CEO of Vibration Group, which runs Landing Forty Two, on the 42nd floor of the Leadenhall Building, explains: “We’ve benefitted from much lower drop-out rates than other venues. A recent dinner we held for the Concerto Group had a less than 1% dropout rate. The fact that Landing Forty Two has only recently opened for events is a huge factor – guests want to be the first to see the venue, but ultimately they want to be the first to see the views!”

Hannah Pierce, acting Head of Events at Camden space the Roundhouse agrees: “The Roundhouse is an iconic space at the heart of London’s musical heritage, so guests won’t skip the chance to experience it.”

Michael Aldridge - General Manager of Events at Merlin, responsible for events at Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons and SEALIFE London Aquarium said “Our venues offer a far different experience to your average space, so our events always get great attendance levels. No one wants to miss the opportunity for drinks in London’s famed aquarium, or to tuck into canapés as they pose for photos with the world’s most recognisable faces!”

Karen Yates, Regional Sales Development Manager at The Royal Liver Building said “The Royal Liver Building is Liverpool’s most famous landmark, and everyone wants a chance to explore the home of the legendary Liver Birds! Since opening our event space we’ve had a great response from clients who love being able to invite guests to this historic location – it’s one of a kind.”

So, when planning your next event take note of not just the venue’s location, capacities and capabilities – it’s also worth considering the selling point of the venue. What makes it different?