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An Interview With

Joanne Woodhead

Account Manager, Concerto Live

Joanne Woodhead is an Account Manager at Concerto Live,
but these days you’ll find her based within Facebook’s
headquarters, where she looks after EMEA-wide marketing
events for the social network. Determined to work in the
roller coaster world of events from an early age, Joanne
completed a degree in event management and worked with
Ultimate Experience before joining Concerto Live.

What is a typical day at Facebook like?

My day at the Facebook office starts in the amazing cafeteria, such incredible fresh food and all for free, I’m so grateful for this every morning! As I cover the events across EMEA for the marketing team I work with the regional marketing leads (France, Germany, Ireland and Italy) so I’m often dealing with different cultures, and language barriers. I’m also connecting with people all over the world, video calls with people in South Africa, Dubai and Menlo Park California (the Facebook mother ship). There’s usually at least one person in from Concerto Live for a meeting about some kind of upcoming project. Lunch is always a time when the whole marketing team eats together for at least 30 minutes which is a really nice time to catch up. Other days involve site visits in London and overseas, or managing events of course, and I have one day a week back at Concerto Live so that I can keep up with what’s new in the industry, take part in creative brain storms and continue to learn and meet with the team that support me so well.

Tell us about your favourite Facebook event

This is a tough one as there’s been such a variety. The experiential tour #ReachOnTheBeach with the Facebook ice cream van was something very different and really rewarding in terms of the results we generated and the fbSTART conference in Berlin was pretty amazing as we used a really cool warehouse space and it was the first large overseas event I produced from start to finish for Facebook. Obviously meeting David Beckham for his digital book signing was a massive highlight too - it’s still my profile picture!

What’s the best thing about working at Facebook’s London headquarters?

Learning things every day from an incredibly smart team. There’s such a diverse group of people who are all so talented. Obviously the wonderful food helps too!

What’s the most challenging brief you have been given?

At Concerto Live it was to find a remote desert island and produce a week long party packed with experiential activities for a fragrance brand. At Facebook it’s always the high profile events with well-known leaders and extremely tight time schedules.

Finally we must ask… is it anything like Social Network?

There’s definitely a buzz working in the office, a real feeling like you’re part of something amazing. The recent takeover of WhatsApp for $19 billion reminded us of that. The engineers working on all things tech/code sit together hacking on one floor and I imagine them all to be in the film! Walls are painted in very cool graffiti and there’s a hammock on the 5th floor – a good place for some creative thinking!