How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue

What do you envision your perfect wedding day to be like? Is it all about the food and atmosphere? Perhaps it’s about the dress? For some, it is finding the perfect venue. Once you have set your budget and agreed on how many guests to invite, you can start looking for a location. Here are five tips to help find the best venue for your special day.

The location you choose should be accessible for most of your guests. If you want to have a destination wedding or even one in your hometown, you’ll need to consider the logistics of getting everyone there.

Style and Theme
Are you planning a formal, elegant affair or a rustic bash? The theme and style you choose will be a determining factor when choosing your venue. Think about whether you want a traditional venue or something a little different. Wedding-ready venues usually have chairs, tables, and linens for you to use and a clean-up crew. You may have to factor in these details for a non-traditional space. Also, think about how the theme and colours you have chosen will complement the venue space.

Factor in the Different Spaces You Will Need
Are you going to be having the ceremony onsite? What about cocktails? Dinner? Dancing? Think about how you can use the grounds and rooms for different functions. Ideally, you should aim for a seamless flow from one section to the next.

Design and Décor
How much control do you want over your big day’s décor and design? Many venues are full-service, but others aren’t. Pay particular attention to the venue’s lighting. If it is too dark, it can be tricky for photographers and videographers to capture all the details you’ve worked so hard on. You also need to find out if your desired venue offers additional lighting services or if you will have to hire an outside vendor. Remember to ask if the venue has vendor restrictions and decide if you are happy with those options or if you’d prefer to look for another venue.

Event Management
Some venues offer the services of an on-site coordinator who will help you out with your special day. They usually help set up the wedding and solve any problems that arise. However, they don’t offer a full range of services that an outside planner would, so you have to determine what they will be responsible for and whether or not you need to seek outside help. Some venues offer full event management, meaning they will help you plan your day right down to the last detail, from menus to food and other vendors.

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