Mask Gets a New Look

The spirit of reinvention is driving 2015 for our bespoke agency, Mask. Led by Penny Porter, who brings 20+ years of big brand and lifestyle experience to the fore, Mask has defined the client offer as now being consumer, corporate and private, with specialists thriving under each banner. Mask’s rebrand comes with a strong brand promise - “Exceed Expectations”. The team will indeed exceed client expectations from the second a brief falls on their desks.

The secret lies in Mask’s new brand DNA, 2015’s impactful new brand identity and a hand-picked team who adopt the roles of inventors and curators when analysing a brief. As such, the agency is immersed in a client-centric culture and is delivering outstandingly creative, cultured work that is evident on the new website.

Mask delivered a one night only immersive event to a select list of guests in collaboration with Somerset House, “Welcome To The Deadhouse”. The event celebrated the new look and depth of the brand whilst showcasing this unique space as one of London’s more dramatic backdrops. The look and feel of the new site is metropolitan, drawing stylistic inspiration from energies that link London and New York lifestyle and culture. The spirit of Andy Warhol was certainly in the room when the rebranding sessions were being run.

The approach that true bespoke work is thought of as a work of art, lovingly built from nothing, runs through the new sensibility. Combined with years of collective experience of working with brand dynamics, cultural drivers and guest psychology, the Mask team will be asking clients questions that really get under the skin of the brief.

The process is a beautiful union of creativity and experience. The results? See for the fun and games.