Questions to Ask When Booking Your Venue

Without good planning and organisation, a special occasion can easily go wrong. From capacity issues to catering errors, a poorly planned event can make a negative impression and reflect badly on your business. Fortunately, an experienced events management company can prevent all that and take care of all the hard work so you don't have to. As London's leading events company, the Concerto Group offers unrivalled corporate hospitality, giving customers exclusive access to the most prestigious venues in the city. Here are a few of our tips to help you get the most from your venue.


Check your venue's capacity to make sure there will be enough space to accommodate everyone in your group. Bear in mind the fact that factors such as seating style, entertainment equipment and décor can reduce the total capacity. If the venue capacity is significantly larger than your expect party size, then consider whether it might be more cost effective to choose a smaller venue or book a shared event.


Having enough to staff to manage your event is essential for its success. Too few staff can mean longer waiting times for food and delays to the schedule, which will prevent your guests from having a good time. The Concerto Group can take care of all or your staffing – from providing top-notch catering teams to production crews – so you can give your guests the best experience possible.

Theming and décor

If you have a particular theme in mind already, tell your events organiser all about it! They can confirm that your theme is realistic and achievable, and the more feedback you get, the more information you have to determine whether your planned theme is relevant and has a specific purpose.

For example, if you're organising a ceremony on the topic of corporate social responsibility, everything you organise and prepare needs to represent that theme. So with environmental awareness playing an important part in corporate social responsibility, show your guests how you are making your mark. Opt for real plants as opposed to artificial ones, make sure your catering includes sustainable ingredients (locally sourced wherever possible), minimise waste, and consider digital/mobile invitations as opposed to card/paper tickets.

Most important tip – book as far ahead as possible!

The earlier you make enquiries, the better your chances of securing the perfect setting for your special occasion. Once you've asked all the questions and have everything confirmed, the work is already half done. The next thing to do is start inviting your guests! Get in touch now to reserve the best dates for events in 2017.