We've searched far and wide for the finest new openings in London this month. November's restaurant list includes everything from breakfast pop-ups to gourmet junk food, and they all come highly recommended by the Concerto team.

This new Berkley Square restaurant will serve a menu focusing on Asian-inspired seafood dishes. The venue itself it creative – its art collection will include installations from Frank Gehry and works by Damien Hirst, Michael Roberts and others.

A second, larger spin-off to the original Kensington 'dive and dog bar', this new Soho restaurant will serve the same style of gourmet junk food alongside swaggering cocktails.

Fans of ironically retro food and drink should heart this Seventies-style addition to restaurant-packed Exmouth Market - the words 'chicken kiev', 'Sodastream' and 'pinball' are all you need to know.

Once a pop-up, this new restaurant has now found a permanent home for its all-day breakfasts, burgers and bakes that mix transatlantic trends 'from LA to Tel Aviv via London'.

This is a brand new laid-back hangout serving contemporary Jamaican dishes and shareable rum punches.

Following in the footsteps of its Farringdon original, the Old Street offering is below ground and kitted out with rows of table tennis tables. With graffiti-covered surfaces and edgy fluorescent lights, the younger sibling has a little more about it.

Vico is a new Italian street food restaurant in the heart of Seven Dials. Pizzas are sold by the slice and priced by weight, the way it’s done in the streets of Rome and Naples. The menu includes traditional Italian dishes such as fritti (crispy fried morsels such as arancini, polpette, and calamari, salads and antipasti made using the finest British and Italian ingredients.