The Top 10 Christmas Event Designs for 2016

How to create an unforgettable experience this Christmas

Finding the perfect Christmas party venue in London is a daunting prospect. Not only that, but you have to consider the theme, the DJ, the food, the lighting, and so much more.

One important element to consider is the unique experience you would like to create. Cookie cutter events are very last year and while creating a never-done-before experience may not be feasible, we suggest you focus on one or two key elements. If you want to sit back and relax, a package party is an ideal solution.

Smaller companies who want a big Christmas party experience should consider a shared party at a shared venue. You’ll get all the bells and whistles of a big party and none of the stress. Our Christmas party company Ultimate Experience has some great options for Christmas 2016.

10 Christmas Event Design Ideas

1. Creative Layout – when you first visit the venue, brainstorm creative ideas for using the space. Conventional arrangements can leave a lot to be desired and with a touch of creativity you can improve your event’s design.
2. Unique Seating – change things up with a unique arrangement of the seating, such as community seating.
3. Use Colour – find creative colours in the items you will be using, such as plates, linens, chairs, and lighting.
4. Food Displays – create an interesting food focal point to add an exciting element of design to your event.
5. Local Photography or Artwork – add a visual punch with an art display from local artists.
6. Bring in Natural Elements – nature can provide a stunning element to your event design, the challenge is to get creative with nature.
7. Paper and Fabrics – this is another great way to add a pop of colour and transform your décor into functional items such as programs and place cards.
8. Use Your Team – event design can be laborious. You can either use your team to do as much as you can on your own or book one of the spectacular venues in London that will do it all for you. The Grade II listed building, Austin Friars, lies right in the heart of the city, close to several stations. This Christmas, the venue offers an understated theme complete with glowing lanterns, and pianist and saxophonist to entertain your guests. There is both a venue and event manager, so all you have to do is enjoy your function.
9. Step Up Your Tech Game –Tech-savvy guests enjoy funky lighting options that set the event’s atmosphere. Studio Spaces in East London is not only a top-notch art event space but also a night club. Just a few minutes away from Tower Hill station, the venue offers a DJ and disco, and full AV production. The Christmas theme this year is inspired by the latest art technology and lighting sure to wow your guests.
10. It’s All About Effects – go the extra mile to keep your guests entertained with the use of AV effects, the hottest DJ, or multiple live acts.

If you are looking to entertain staff, guests, and clients exclusively this Christmas, we have plenty of amazing venues in London to choose from. Whether you have a smaller group of 50 or a whopping 500 guests, send your enquiry through to Venueseeker and the team will find the perfect venue for you - free of charge.