Where to Watch the London Marathon 2017

On Sunday 23rd April, tens of thousands of brave runners will be sweating it out on a 26.2 mile route around London. If you’re heading out to support, make your way to one of these venues in prime location on the famous route.


The Old Brewery – Mile 6

As you might guess, this pub is all about the beer. The Old Brewery also offers great pub food in comfortable surroundings, with genial service.


Gipsy Moth – Mile 6

This small pub has a discreet nautical theme and a lovely patio garden where you can soak up the sun as runners pass by the Cutty Sark.


The Mayflower – Mile 11

The oldest pub on the Thames offers a great view of the of the river.


The Bridge House – Mile 12

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Located within the iconic Tower Bridge, which marks half way on the route, The Bridge House is a great spot to enjoy a drink outside and support the efforts of runners reaching the half-way point.


Pont de la Tour – Mile 12

Located in an elegant, 19th-century former tea warehouse alongside Tower Bridge, Pont de la Tour serves classic French cuisine and has a great view of the bridge.


Boisdale of Canary Wharf – Mile 15 (and 18/19)

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Tuck into a brasserie menu on the second floor of this Canary Wharf bar – watching all that exercise is tiring work.


The Floating Lotus – Mile 17

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This floating Chinese restaurant on the Thames is a great spot to watch runners as they pass the mile 17 point.


The Blackfriar – Mile 24

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The Blackfriar is reputed for its distinctive building, intriguing history and vibrant atmosphere.


Walkers of Whitehall – Mile 25

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This distinguished pub is perfect to indulge in a beer as you track your runner conquering their last two miles.


Buckingham Arms – Mile 26

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Get down here to raise a glass as the runners cross that famous finish line – and welcome them in for some much-needed refreshment.


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