Welcome to Burlesque

Market leading production, performance and entertainment partnership Fullcircle can be relied upon to provide entertainment that will astound, engage and impress. And when it comes to burlesque the Fullcircle performers never fail to make events extra special. We caught up with a few of their favourite burlesque acts to find out more about life in the spotlight.

How did you first get into burlesque?
I used to perform live performance art at friends’ clubs when a promoter spotted me. We got talking, I was introduced to Zoe Lloyd, who created the graphics and costumes for the Whoopee Club (the only burlesque club in Europe at the time), became her assistant, and ended up doing my #rst shows for Whoopee.

Have you ever performed in any unusual locations?
The most unusual was probably a private event in a Venetian Palazzo. But I have also performed in a bubble on a lake and on a sand dune in the Nevada Desert. Soon I’ll also be performing on ice, too...

Which is your favourite costume?
My “Dream a Little Dream” ensemble. It’s very Ziegfeld’s Follies! I make all my costumes to couture standard, including a 2m peacock feather train and a 3m recreation of a Klimt masterpiece. Then there are 6m swan wings, and a serpentine cloak that lights up!

Vicky Butterfly can be seen starring in the Black Cat Cabaret at the Café de Paris.

Tell us about your most memorable event.
I would say the most memorable times have been the ‘rsts’, the first time we put on a revue at the Soho Revue Bar, the rst time ‘The Hurly Burly Show’ opened in the West End, the rst time we performed internationally, you can’t beat the thrill and the adrenaline of milestones like that.

How long do your routines take to plan?
It depends on the complexity of the act and the setting. Some acts are months in the making, others can happen in an afternoon!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do?
I was once asked to stand in the doorway of a penthouse suite and sing Happy Birthday to the son of a very wealthy and important man!

Miss Polly Rae can be seen starring in the Soho Burlesque club at Leicester Square’s Hippodrome.

What led to you discovering burlesque?
A mistake! My glamorous model friend was asked to perform a burlesque routine, and called me in a panic. I choreographed for her, and ended up performing alongside her which I absolutely loved. The scene really intrigued me too, I started going to burlesque clubs in London as I worked up some courage to begin my burlesque career!

What has your most memorable event been?
Supporting Dita Von Teese at Erotica! I’ve also been lucky enough to work extensively with William Baker (stylist to Kylie and Rihanna), and I was one of the ‘Hurly Burly Girlies’ in the Hurly Burly Show in the West End!

Which is your most extravagant costume?
Working with William Baker left me with something of a rhinestone addiction, so my cat costume is completely covered in thousands of pounds worth of Swarovski crystals. It also has a gown trimmed in ostrich boa. Absolutely over the top and fabulous!

Kitty Bang Bang can be seen starring in Boom & Bang Circus at Leicester Square’s Hippodrome.